April 11, 2021

Feature of Products Manufactured by Potentials Inc.

Along with the launch of our new online product catalog, we are excited to feature three of the products within our portfolio.

Viision/Viista Source Bushing-Enhanced (VSBHHPE)

Potentials’ new VSBHHPE bushings take performance to the next level. Able to hold a higher voltage, VSBHHPE bushings allow you to get more out of your machines by increasing longevity and decreasing maintenance needs.

With severe processes, the Potentials’ VSBHHPE bushings stand up to the power of the killer machine, lasting twice as long as OEM bushings.

Even with less severe processes, Potential’s VSBHHPE bushings offer a longer total life and and the possibility of an increase in time between cleanings.

Applied Materials 9500 Source Bushing (AMSI9500)

Internal testing shows that the material used in the manufacturing of Potentials’ AMSI9500 bushing has very high resistance to degradation upon heating compared with the OEM-manufactured material of this same part.

Potentials’ material has higher resistance to thermal degradation in general. For the AMSI9500 specifically, the material performance is exceptionally improved compared with certain OEM-manufactured variants of this product.

Axcelis Extended Life GSD Source Bushing-Enhanced (ESB/GSD2)

The interior wall of the ESB/GSD2 bushing was redesigned by Potentials to allow for easier cleaning between uses by opening the narrow grooves found in the OEM design.

Better heat transfer is realized with all products in Potentials’ portfolio. This is especially helpful when combined with the original intent of the ESB/GSD2 design—as it is built to work with a water-cooling flange to facilitate a greater transfer of heat.

The original water-cooled flange design, along with our material’s inherently greater heat transfer, allows for a more optimized lifetime of the part.

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